Golden Wish LLC works with Field Experts from all around the world to make sure that we have the best minds set to the job at hand.

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What we Do:

Golden Wish LLC is a Creative Technology Developer which conceptualizes and builds innovative products for a range of uses including Education, Health/Wellness, and Entertainment.

it’s going to be OK. [Golden Wish] has come up with a tool that could turn you into a bonafide Mozart

                               -Bostinno Magazine

[Golden Wish's] technology is unprecedented in its applicability, and is expected to be the forefront of a musical revolution; creating new and exciting ways for people to experience music.


Product Development

Ideas shape the world, so we take ours very seriously. One exciting idea at a time we plan on shaping the way you experience the world.

Our first product is a truly exciting one; Point Motion™. I would encourage all of our visitors to click the image below to find out more about our groundbreaking innovation.

Innovative Technology


Product Development

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We make things everyone can use; the way they want to. No more technology that you have to adapt to. We make technology that adapts to you.

Universal Accessibility

Once our team has a clear vision, we build a plan to bring our ideas to life so we can share them with the world!